Don’t let the term ‘Staking System’ worry you, you do not have to be a mathematical genius to use this, it’s very simple!

We will now be staking using percentages, not pounds for all our football tips.

3% – High Stake
1.5% – Medium Stake
0.75% – Low Stake

Let us explain……

Say we have a betting roll (starting balance) of £100, and we decide that we want to place a high stake bet (3%) on a selection, all we simply do is work out 3% of £100.

Now there are many ways to do this, in your head if you are a maths ninja! A calculator, or even just type the problem into a Google search bar, and it will give you an answer.

So lets say you place this bet. 3% of £100 = £3, so you stake £3 on an EVENS bet. It wins, you return £6. Your new betting roll is now £103.

Your next bet you want to stake 3%. 3% of £103 is £3.09.

This is where people start losing discipline, and rounding it off to £3 for example. Don’t! Do not break from the system, stay focused and stay disciplined with it, if you use it correctly it will serve you well and in time you will see consistent profit.

We will be keeping a profit/loss of our bets so you can see how our staking system is going, to see this just visit our profit/loss page.

We’ve tried to keep this as simple as we can, but like with anything else, if you do have any questions, please direct them to the Facebook page, and we will be happy to help.